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Badjouma Agricultural-Family School
Badjouma, CAMEROON


According to the World Bank, family farming in Cameroon represents the country's main engine of sustainable development. However, extreme weather conditions, lack of agricultural diversification and know-how, aggravate the phenomenon of rural exodus.

To cope with the situation and encourage investments in family agriculture, our project for an agricultural school in Badjouma was born.

The educational program aimed at learning skills in the agricultural-craft sector, aims to support young students and graduates in starting small income-generating activities, strengthening investments in the family farming sector, the main vehicle for employment in Cameroon.

With FOCSIV 'We laughed about something serious'

Every year, us from Associazione F. Realmonte participate in Focsiv's national campaign 'Abbiamo riso per una cosa seria' to support family farming in Italy and Cameroon, through the distribution of rice - produced by Italian farmers - at banquets. located in different areas of the city . 

Family farming is the answer of farmers from Italy and around the world to hunger and exploitation, climate change and agri-food multinationals, but it is also respect for biodiversity, crops and cultures of different countries.

Rice is the most consumed food in the world and our rice, 100% Italian, is the symbol of the alliance between the farmers of the North and South of the world.

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