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Associazione Realmonte  collaborates with different realities all over the world, constantly looking for ways to contribute to the improvement of the living conditions of people exposed to conflict situations and vulnerability.

The Network of Peoples Small Orchestras

House of the Spirit and the Arts Foundation

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Associazione Realmonte and 'Casa dello Spirito e delle Arti Foundation' came together to give birth to the project 'The Network of Small Peoples Orchestras'

Music unites and 'repairs': a proposal to support children and young people living in vulnerable situations. 


Give us our daily bread

With FOCSIV in the fight against hunger

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As part of the 'Together for the last' program promoted by FOCSIV, Associazione Realmonte is part of the  'Give us our daily bread' campaign, a call to action that gives the concrete possibility of a real commitment in facing drastic increase in hunger around the world, intensified by the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Visit the dedicated website to find out more:


Kinan Scholarship

Health and Right to Education

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The project was created in memory of Kinan, a student from Syria who came to Italy with a university scholarship reserved for young people from war areas. In 2020 he got sick and is forced to put his studies aside in order to be cured. The Kinan Scholarship has the aim of allowing young people with health issues not to give up on their dream and to continue studying, to prevent the chance of loosing their university financial aid for reasons not related to commitment or motivation.

To know more:

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