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Again this year, as FOCSIV partner, we participate in the campaign ';We laughed at something serious';in support of those who work the land all over the world, from Italy to Cameroon.

A global movement of Italian peasants who, together withr esponsible consumers, defend the dignity of workers and the right to healthy and good quality food for everyone.


What is it about?

The Campaign promotes a network of people aware that together they support rural communities, today even more in difficulty due to the consequences of the pandemic and the war in Ukraine and in many other parts of the world, which require policies that guarantee food safety and healthiness of foods, which promote the value of family farming as a response to global crisis, migration and climate change.

Agriculture and educational poverty

To counter land-grabbing (the grabbing of land by multinationals and the consequent exodus of farmers of the region) and combating educational poverty that does not guarantee young people the right to training, Associazione Realmonte finances a family-run agricultural school in the area of Badjouma(Northern Cameroon).

Agricultural schools in Cameroon

In the Badjouma and Pitoa school, every year several girls and boys have the opportunity to complete a course of study in the agricultural-artisanal field, acquiring the skills necessary to become tomorrow the farmers of the family's land, claiming the right to land and promoting the local growth of products.

The Badjouma school

In the squares of the city | MILAN

On the last weekends of May, we went out in the squares of Milan, to the parvises of the Churches and to the markets of the city, to sell 100% Italian rice and support the campaign # abbiamorisoperunacosaseria. 

sincere thanks to all the young men and women who have contributed, producing audiovisual material for our social channels and helping us with sales at banquets.

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