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"Linea Adele"
 Milan, ITALY 


The solidarity tailoring "Linea Adele" was born in 2013 from the will of companies operating in different sectors, but united by the desire to create a solidarity network to support refugee people living in the city of Milan. 
The project goal is the creation of a rewarding job opportunity 
for young political refugees through the creation, packaging and selling of different sartorial products, from linens to home and daily accessories.
To learn and be employed in a 
safe and community environment will encourage the development of previous skills, facilitate the layering of new skills and provide tools to indipendently enter the job market in this field. 

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Within the tailoring, many of the fabrics used are leftovers donated to us by some of the most prestigious Made in Italy brands, recycled fabrics that would otherwise become waste material and that, in this way, gain a new purpose in a second life as well as ensuring the excellent quality of the products made. 
The tailoring makes products on request for parties, religious celebrations (communions, confirmations, weddings, etc.) and events, as well as having an online catalogue available in the shop. 

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 Ade_line is a project designed for the youngest: clothing, accessories and products for everyday life, made with second-hand materials and entirely Made in Italy.

Unique and highly customizable pieces that suit everyone's taste.

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