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Punto a Capo
 Milan, ITALY 


The “Punto a capo - Sos Studenti” project wants to give youg people a physical and mental space to favour dialogue and where to cultivate interpersonal relations to facilitate integration's path and the development of personal skills and resouces. The aim is to live the new reality at best and to proceed in elaborating their new life project.

'Punto a capo' is made up of a network of volunteers and young people who make their skills available to support young foreigners with different goals:  
strengthening of their linguistic-communicative skills, support in the search for a job, orientation in the labor market, support in the bureaucratic procedures necessary for integration on the territory. 


One of our most successful projects are the laboratories of Italian language.
Italian volunteers and students with pedagogical / psychological training, help foreign people who need to deepen their knowledge of the Italian language.

The workshops are structured like language lessons: each meeting lasts 1 hour and consists of a part of grammar and a part of conversation, in order to consolidate skills  both in the morphological-syntactic and in the communicative-lexical fields.
Language workshops engage people of different ages, with different language skills and needs that vary according to the length of their residence in Italy and the previous educational path.
The sessions take place in person, in classes of 2-5 people or online, in individual meetings with the same duration, usually once per week.

Ancora 1 - punto a capo
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