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Volunteering, stage, PCTO

From international cooperation to integration projects aimed at young migrants and foreign minors, we work with male and female students at Milan's secondary schools, colleges and universities to involve young people in voluntary work and school-to-work activities.

By agreeing to participate according to your availablity, we propose a short or medium-term involvement in our Association's project in Italy, to support anyone's wishes and capabilities.

From the strengthening of online Italian language towards young migrants, to computer labs and Ciclofficina workshops in class; from the participation of territorial groups in the Association's campaigns, to the collection of materials to help  victims of humanitarian emergencies (e.g. war in Ukraine, earthquake in Syria, etc.).

For more information and/or participate in volunteering activities:


There is always room in the Association for those who want to devote their time and energy to one of our active projects.

*Volunteer activities can be validated as corporate volunteering or proven as volunteer hours

Interships or PCTO

We welcome the enthusiasm and initiative of those who choose the Association as a training institution for curricular and/or extra-curricular internships during their academic studies, or as a place where they can gain experience in the school-to-work alternance experience (PCTO) in the high school/college setting.

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