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Guys in the center!
 Milan, ITALY 


The 'Guysat the center!' project was born as a response to the need of supporting young people who live in situations of socio-economic and cultural vulnerability, and who find it difficult to find their way in education and professional fields.

With this in mind, the project envisages skills and vocational orientation paths, sided by the implementation of cycle workshop and tailoring workshops, with the aim of supporting young people in developing practical and creative skills related to the world of fashion and cycling.
The planned activities develop a 
practical-creative approach which, starting from laboratory training, motivates young people to respond positively to present and future challenges.



The aim of the initiative is to introduce young boys and girls from different countries to the conscious use of bicycles, teaching them the basic rules for riding on the road and how to maintain the bike.

The course combines theoretical aspects with the acquisition of practical skills: a road safety education course is complemented by meetings held by an expert maintenance technician who teaches them how to carry out minor repairs on their vehicle. In addition to the acquisition of new technical skills, dialogue and interaction on site allow the young people's prior knowledge and skills to emerge and be put to use in the realisation of their future life plans.

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Textile workshop

The activities of the textile laboratory are aimed at motivate young participants in the production of unique and personalized pieces, from using fabric scraps.
Boys and girls are introduced to the tailoring activities, learning to distinguish between the different types of fabrics and the various processing methods used in the creation of a finished product, as well as to commercialize its sale through traditional channels and 
social media.

Through the work and active collaboration between the participants, the group becomes the instrument for sharing expectations, desires and needs, facilitating the process of introduction to artisan work.

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