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Realmonte x Syria

Associazione Realmonte joins international solidarity to raise funds for displaced people following the earthquake that hit Syria and Türkiye.

Why in Syria?

We have been working in Syria for a long time in partnership with several associations (Marist Brothers, Community of Deir Mar Musa, Franciscan Friars Minor) promoting the Resilience of communities, contributing with projects on female empowerment, laboratories of education for children and training of social-humanitarian workers.

Since the beginning of the war in 2011, more than 13 million people have been displaced from Syria, with almost 6 million refugees displaced across the border (UNHCR, 2022). An already stressful situationaggravated from the repeated shakes of the past few days, causing the distruction of cities and buring thousands of people.


What we do 

In Aleppo, we have been collaborating with Blue Marists from the Fondazione Marista per la Solidarietà Internazionale (FMSI) with psycho-social projects aimed at fighting poverty and helping to overcome the traumas caused by 12 years of war.  Our intervention methodology is developed in collaboration with RIRes - Resilience Research Unit of the Psychology Department of Catholic Universityof Milan and Associazione FRASI.


Together with the volunteers of the Blue Marists of Aleppo, we support guests of reception centers with recreational laboratories to entertain children, we distribute informational brochures to parents, social workers and caregivers, to orient them regarding children's critical reactions and stress management, then we remotely train operators and psychologists of the "SEEDS" project of the Marist Brothers.


Reception centres

Purchase of stationery materials for creative-expressive activities organized by Marist volunteers in centers and foster homes.

Psychological support

Distribution of the leaflet in Arabic "We help children after an earthquake" to parents, social workers, caregivers.

Training of local operators

Remote psychological coaching for the operators of the "SEEDS" project of the Marist Brothers. 




In this sense, we will implement the methodology developed in synergy with the RiRes - Resilience Research Unit of the Department of Psycology of the Catholic University of Milan and FRASI to train local operators for them to support in overcoming the trauma and we plan to set up one library that can act as a "safe space" recovery for the little ones.

In the second emergency phase, the Association's commitment will concern psycho-social interventions for the protection of adults and children, already severely afflicted by a decade of conflict, through the activation of indivual and community resources. We are planning the training of local operators and the setting up of child-friendly safe spaces.

Resilience Paths

Training intervention aimed at local operators according to the Resilience Tutors model created by RiRes.

Safe space

Recreational space with a library and educational games for children aged 3+ where they can re-elaborate their experience.


What you can do?

As Associazione Realmonte, we started a fundraising campaign to support local people in distributing food, medicine and clothing to the hundreds of men, women and children who survived the earthquake.

The money we raised thanks to the generosity of  who support us will be used for support the canteens that welcome every day the new victmis of the earthquake by offering them hot suppers, and to support our assistance activities on the field during the first, but also the second post-emergency phase, for an effective collaboration to reconstruct the social fabric, already marked by conflicts and extreme poverty.



The Collection Point is active again at our headquartersin Milan, where you can donate stationery material (markers, cards, pencils, paints, etc.) to be sent with the first expedition to Syria in the beginning of March.

The gathered materials will be used to create a graphic-expressive workshops for children, that will be carried out in the first reception facilities set up by the Blue Marists in the city of Aleppo, with the goal of welcoming the hundreds of families victims of the earthquake.

Via San Vittore 43, 20123 (MI)

+39 351 8326397

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