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Burundi Smallholder's Livestock Network


Burundi Smallholder's Livestock Network(Buslin), is a startup in the agri-food sector, a system designed ad hoc for Africa with the aim of sustainable eradication of malnutrition and poverty, improving the economic and nutritional conditions of the local population.

Its founder, André Ndereyimana, a doctor specialized in agro-food sciences, has been working for over 10 years in the field of development cooperation.

The Buslin system operates in Africa, where about 70% of the population is peasants. Despite this, the tools dedicated to agriculture and breeding remain rather rudimentary, the work tiring and not very productive. The project is aimed at guaranteeing a productive and economic contribution, which is however combined with an education specifically oriented to a change in mentality, from a sustainable point of view.

A disinterested approach on the one hand, and  assistenzialista supported by the logic of 'We'll do it for you' on the other, is replaced by the will to implement a system carefully designed to work together with families and local managers. The breeding is supported by a network of sustainable cooperation and supported in a widespread manner. The operational team is made up of young volunteers and local volunteers. and collective fields are also aggregative spaces for local families, with productive purposes but also for social cohesion . 


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You can give your contribution by supporting the project with a small donation of € 20 which will allow the Buslin community of Burundi to raise a hen of the Kuroiler breed that will produce 300 eggs over its life, or 1.8 kg of noble proteins.

'Microcredit in nature'

With the formula of microcredit in nature, the eggs produced with the funds raised are donated to the farmers belonging to the Buslin network, ensuring them access to the necessary means of food production (vaccinated chicks, feed, veterinary care, equipment, etc.) for to be able to achieve better living conditions.

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